In yet another weird turn of events, Facebook has suspended Azealia Banks' account. Banks has exhibited further virulent behavior in the past few weeks. The reason why Facebook revoked the her social media privileges is still unknown at this time. Yet, we can speculate that it might have something to do with Brazil.

Tuesday, the New York rapper insulted the entire nation of Brazil calling them "third world freaks," prompting a huge Brazilian backlash on social media.

Brazil is just the latest victim of Banks' tantrums. Last fall, she went after actor Russell Crowe for kicking her out of his hotel room. Then, the rap emcee grabbed headlines right before New Years Day. She posted a video of her dirty closet, where she supposedly had taken the habit of sacrificing chickens to witchcraft. When Sia pointed out that animal cruelty was unacceptable, Banks went on an IG tirade insulting the Australian singer.

Last year, Twitter suspended Banks' account when she went off on Zayn Malik, posting racist and homophobic comments targeting the Brit.