Facebook is now banking on its users' love life since introducing its in-app dating feature. The separate tab in the mobile app has already debuted in Canada, South America and Southeast Asia and has now made its way to America. According to The Verge, the new feature allows users to select matches based on their friends but if that's too awkward, they can see potential dates outside of their network.

Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

However, each user has the opportunity to mark a friend as their "Secret Crush" and if they both connect, the Facebook dating app will bring the two together by sending a notification. “Probably one of the best notifications of their life,” product manager Nathan Sharp told the publication. A users selection is based on numerous data Facebook grabs from each profile such as location, age, plans, and even certain event interests. 

At the moment, the feature has no ads and has no premium or paid access to enhance the app in any way. “We didn’t want to include anything around swiping or games,” Sharp added. “Facebook Dating is about conversations.” Being as Facebook owns Instagram, users can also include their photo-sharing profile which will also up the number of connections on the app. 

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