Facebook is seeking to dominate the world of messengers by combining three of its main platforms together as one. According to Bloomberg, Facebook has merged WhatsApp, Instagram DMs, and their Messenger platform as one, allowing users on all three platforms to message one another without having to make an account. 

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A test run began earlier this year, giving a select few users the chance to send IG DMs through Messenger. The actual merger of all three platforms will take place over the course of the next few weeks. Mark Zuckinberger, as Boosie would call him, revealed in 2019 about the plan to bring all platforms together as a means of making it easier for people to access contact to other platforms.

"The full timeline is quite a bit out—we are not at the half point yet," said Messenger Vice President Stan Chudnovsky. "It’ll take a while. It’s not like a year from now we are sitting here and all of it is set and done."

The option of having a "secret chat" won't be available as part of the new merger with Instagram. Atleast, not yet, according to Chudnovsky.

The move has made critics wary of Facebook, especially in the midst of a massive antitrust controversy. As many have tried to break up the company, Facebook continues to make moves to maintain it's position as a dominant force in tech.