Emojis make the world go round. Sometimes it's hard to put exactly how we're feeling into words. Other times, it's just more convenient to sent Emojis rather than type out an entire sentence. We humans always try to find the easier way to accomplish things, and our typing language is no different. We went from T9 texting entire sentences (the younger generation has no idea what that is), to creating acronyms ("lol," "omg," "rofl"). It was a great leap for mankind once Emojis started to take the place of words, the question is, was it a leap forward or backward?

Tomorrow (July 17), is World Emoji Day. According to CNBCthe unofficial holiday was created by Jeremy Burge, who is a self-titled emoji historian who is also the founder of Emojipedia. In celebration of the holiday, Facebook has released several interesting facts about Emojis. For instance, did you know that over 900 million Emojis are sent out through Facebook Messenger daily? Facebook really does keep track of everything. In a series of infographics, the social media site reveals which Emojis are most popular in certain countries. It is apparent which country seems to be full of flirts, and which countries are reveling in their own hilarity.