Facebook and Tom Brady have partnered with Gotham Chopra, director of Kobe Bryant’s "Muse" documentary, to deliver a six episode series that will air exclusively on Facebook Watch. The series, dubbed "Tom vs. Time," will chronicle Brady’s 2017 season as well as an unprecedented glimpse into his personal life.

According to Mark Leibovich of the New York Times, the first episode of "Tom vs. Time" will premiere later this month, depending on how far the Patriots go in the post-season.

"We thought it would be fun to record what an offseason of training looks like for a 40-year-old athlete," Brady said in an email to Leibovich about the project. 

Here's what fans can expect from the series which examines Tom not just as five-time Super Bowl champion, but also as a husband and father.

Per the New York Times,

"Filmmaker Gotham Chopra was granted sweeping access to Brady in an array of intimate settings that the inscrutable signal-caller would normally be loath to allow. There is extensive footage of Brady at his Brookline, Mass., home, with his children, with his wife, Gisele Bündchen, on family retreats to Costa Rica, on a bro-trip to Montana (with teammates Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola), on a summer tour of China with his son Jack, and in the car during Brady’s commute to and from work in Foxborough, Mass."

Brady and the Patriots will host the Tennessee Titans at 8:15pm ET this Saturday with a trip to the AFC Championship on the line.

Check out the official trailer for "Tom vs Time" below.