This afternoon's #FabolousTakeover on the TIDAL Twitter page yielded some juicy info. First, we won't be getting Loso's Way 2 in 2015, or Soul Tape 4. Instead, we will be getting two projects -- his Summertime Shootout mixtape coming "really really soon" and another project on Christmas Day

Fabolous revealed the artwork for Summertime Shootout a couple weeks ago (check the gallery).

Christmas Day marks the one-year anniversary of the Young OG Project.

Before relinquishing control of the TIDAL Twitter to the powers that be, he also mentioned that his favorite projects from 2015 so far are Bryson Tiller's TRAPSOUL, Drake's IYRTITL, and Future's Dirty Sprite 2.

Fabolous said the Summertime Shoutout is "about a summertime story," not exactly useful description but stay tuned as it promises to be fire.