Fabolous was one of the many performers who took the stage at Jam'n 94.5's Summer Jam on June 16th, but before he graced the stage, he took a few (or rather, six minutes and 56 seconds) to speak with 2/3 of the Breakfast Club, aka DJ Envy and Angela Yee. The trio first start talking about Loso's sneaker collection versus Envy's, with Envy revealing that he gave Loso a pair of sneakers off his back (er, closet). Then, they get into the music.

When asked about the possibility of new music, Fabolous says, "I think I'm gunna throw something out in July man, but I might go July and August. I got so much music, it's really just me figuring out when I'ma just let it or how."

If you're hoping for some more summer-friendly tunes from Loso, you will be happy: "I got some summertime music so that's why I'm ready to come, you know what I mean." He added, "It's the mixy-thot-y weather." What is mixy-thot-y weather, you might ask? I do not know.

In the rest of the interview, Fab speaks on being consistently underrated/underappreciated while consistently putting out quality music/bars. He gives his two cents on the matter.

Watch the full interview below.