The ever evolving sound of hip hop is something that is often debated and contested, as the new generation of rappers have embraced a more eclectic sound, not relying solely on the music from their region.  A true veteran in the game, Fabolous, recently talked about stepping up to become the next face of real New York hip hop, and weighed in on how “regional” sounds have changed, mentioning how at first listen he thought A$AP Rocky was from Houston. 

Talking about becoming the face of New York hip hop, Loso mentions how Jay-Z has become such an icon that he has transcended simply representing one city, “I feel like the New York music, is not at its strongest point, but it also needs somebody to be its backbone.  You look at Jay-Z, and Jay-Z has been that backbone, and a superstar for New York, and even an icon...he kinda overshadows just being a New York artist.”

Fab discusses possibly taking over as the representative for NY hip hop, “You need somebody that can also just step in the shoes, when you come here, when you go to the club.  When you see the fashion, when you see everything that representing New York, every region has it’s just time for me to step in those shoes.”

Asked about his thoughts on the changing sound of hip hop, the S.O.U.L. Tape rapper says the regional hip hop lines have become blurry, “Music has crossed the invisible Dixie Line, of where South music is, and where New York’s not really a North, West, South, Mid-west kinda thing.” He gives an example of the first time he heard rising NY artist A$AP Rocky, and how he thought Flacko sounded more H-Town than NY, “When I first heard A$AP Rocky, I didn’t know he was from Harlem.  Kinda gave me a Houston feel to it...the fusion now of music, is coming up to New York.”

Check out the full interview below where Fabolous mentions other New York spittas like Action Bronson.