Fabolous is gearing up to drop his sixth studio album, which also happens to be his first LP in four years. Loso's Way 2 is set to follow 2009's Loso's Way, and Fab is promising a strong collection of music, which ranges from radios to the streets. 

In a Def Jam conference call discussing his new single, "Ready," as well as the upcoming instalment of Loso's Way, Fab detailed his ability to create a record for the radio, yet also create a record that resonates in the streets, and not lose fans on either side. He credits his ability to observing those great New York rappers who came before him.

"It was really observing some of the people [I came up under], Biggie, Big Daddy Kane...I think just observing them and seeing how they were able to balance helped me learn how to balance," Fab said before citing Biggie's "Who Shot Ya" and "Big Poppa" as examples of this balance.

Fabolous also spoke on his recent mixtape, The Soul Tape 2, and how it served as a warm-up for fans for Loso's Way 2. "I wanted to drop the mixtape just to generate the attention, all the way into the album, especially for someone [like me] who's been away for years, so that;s what i wanted to do with the mixtape."

The tape did indeed garner the attention of Loso's fans, preparing them for his brand new single, "Ready." Loso says of "Ready," "I wanted it to be the first look 'cause it's something that would be overall successful...I think overall, you wanna start out with a refreshing great record everyone can love."

Fab continued, "I think 'Ready' is also symbolic of me coming back. There's a few different titles in the album that are all symbolic to this movement, Loso's Way."

Finally, the New York native shared some details on the producers he used for Loso's Way 2, and reveals he decided to go with new cats.

"I work with a lot of new, young producers. At this point in time, it's not just about the big names it's about giving some new, fresh energy a shot," he explained. "I work with a guy by the name of Marley the Martian... A lot of the guys who I worked with on the mixtape, I gav them the opportunity to submit stuff for the album. I worked with The Team, J Carter, Beat Billionaire, The Arsenals, The Renegades, The Runners. I worked with a lot of new guys, I wanted that energy. And they wanna be a part of it more than some of the big names...Their hunger keep me hungry, so to say."

Stay tuned for more new music from Fabolous to drop in the near future.