Though Faboloussaid in May that his hotly-anticipated sequel to Loso's Way would be out this summer, it's looking more and more like that won't be the case. On the bright side, Loso just revealed two big features that will be on the project in a new interview with MTV.

When asked if he's been working with Chris Brown recently (who guested on "Ready" with him last year), Loso replied, "We just worked on a joint for the new project. ‘Ready’ was kind of a buildup single to where we were going but I don’t think we were exactly ready — no pun intended. Me and Chris are friends and work together well... when I got this record I felt it was something that leaned in his direction. So I played it for him, he liked it and did it right there on the spot. What’s crazy about the record is it steered the direction of where the project is gonna go,” he added. “I think it’s definitely gonna coast the end of the summer out.”

“I’ve worked with Nicki before and I reached back out to her as well, so we’ve got something in the works too,” Fab added. He also gave his thoughts on the singer/rapper/buttock icon's recent "Anaconda" artwork: “There was no way of escaping that on your Instagram timeline.”

Watch the full interview below.