If you missed it, Fabolous was spotted back with his longtime girlfriend Emily B last week at the strip club, sparking rumors that the two were back together. While there hasn't been an update since, things looks to be all good though as Fab is talking about wanting more babies. The Brooklyn rapper shared a sweet message the other day saying he wants a baby girl to call his own.

Fab expressed his want in an Instagram story post, saying he always wanted boys, but now wants a daughter. “Always only wanted boys, but recently talked about having a girl. Now I can’t get it off my mind. All my friends who have daughter tell me that daughter LOVE is different,” he captioned. The adorable photo he attached to the writing is of a a child that resembles his two red-haired sons too.


For what its worth, Fab does have a step-daughter, 21-year old Taina Williams, who’s mother is Emily B. While she’s technically not “his kid,” Fab did have a big role in her upbringing as he dated her mother for years. However, Fab now wants the real thing apparently.

In other related news, Fab spent time with his boys last week at the NBA2K event, which he’s going to be featured in too (see below).