Fabolous took his career to the next level when he signed with Def Jam in 2006, but we've just learned that he could've opted to go a very different route. In a new interview with Hot 97, Loso reveals that he rejected an offer from G-Unit around the same time. 

When asked by Ebro if he thinks he's made any mistakes with his brand, Fab responded:

"Not really. I think everything that's happened to this point has happened for a reason. I could’ve signed to G-Unit in ’05 or ’06 and I may be in a different place than I am today, or I could've stayed at Interscope when they fired Clue... So the things I've done in my career have led me to the place that I am now."

What do you think? Would Loso have been a good fit in 50's clique, or are you glad he's carved out his own lane? Watch the full interview below.