Grammy-nominated rapper Fabolous is keeping hope alive for a potential supergroup album featuring himself alongside R&B hitmakers Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie.

Ideally, Fab envisions the album showcasing his and Ne-Yo's verbal skills while Leslie's talents are conveyed behind the boards.

    "We just really started it, we've also talked about doing a project with me and Ne-Yo, kind of a Best of Both Worlds project -- with Ryan Leslie on the production," Fab explained in an interview. "'You Be Killin' Em 2' is a little taste of that. Just to hear how it would start. That remix came from the original song which [it] complimented women. This one does the same but I wanted to change the vibe. Summer's coming, you know, weather's breaking. I wanted it to be that sexy summer song. A lot of guys are like, 'Oh man, where's the bars? It's not enough bars.' It's eight bar verses but the vibe is there. I think most people connected with that more than saying it's just going to be a big hip-hop record. I wanted the vibe to still be there and the girls to get it. The beat ain't no punk neither. You can bop your head to the beat whether you a dude or a girl." (Rap Radar)