Fabolous is throwing it up to God, as he hopes to clear his name of the assault charges levied against him. He could face up to 3 to 5 years in State Prison, and 15k in fines, if found guilty. 

On Snapchat, Fab leveled with his follower, asking them in so many words to remain faithful to his cause. He said "Sometimes it is best to just be quiet and let God show people." Fab is not by chance, a rapper turned preacher, or a person that would normally fetch the God Signal. He is however a man so desperate for an earshot. As we've learned through years of dogmatic learning, God shows up even for the undeserved, as long as they are sacrificial and willing to repent. As of this writing, Fab and his legal team maintain his innocence, even as the charges become more numerous and serious.  

Fabolous may or may not be refusing to take responsibility for his physical actions. I believe he is seeking room for justification. Most observers of the case, influenced or not, believe that hitting a woman is a zero tolerance act. Fabolous will surely have his day in court, to plead his case in a standing position. Keep it locked.