Fabolous is planning to take fans back to the '90s with his upcoming album The Young OG Project, due out on Christmas day. With the '90s era of hip-hop sitting heavy in his mind, we got Loso to reel off his top five reasons on why he loves the '90s.

Much of what Fabolous mentions can still be found in hip-hop to this day, at least in some form or another, but their birth can be traced back to the '90s. From the fashion choices to the crew lifestyle, these "are the things that helped me fall in love with hip-hop during the '90s," Fabolous says. "I tried to add some elements of those things in the music, but still keep it where it wasn't dated, I wanted it to feel 'now,' but also give you the vibe, different energies. So you'll definitely see that on The Young OG Project, you'll hear some samples, you'll hear some flips. I think overall it's a great project, it's something to rock too through out the holidays. It's gunna pay its dues to the '90s."

Watch the video below, and read on to see Fab's top five. Pre-order The Young OG Project on iTunes.