The responses to Kendrick Lamar's infamous "Control" verse came fast and furious, and Fabolous was one of the first to threaten to get in the studio upon hearing it. Despite the comment, we heard nothing from Fab up until a few days ago when he released his Soul Tape 3 project.

A track called "The Get Back" directly addresses Kendrick's verse, and in an interview with Fuse, Loso explained why he decided to sit on his words until now.

'“The Get Back” is taken from, you know… once you say something and you also have to live and die by your words. But now it becomes on other people to get back, so it’s almost the revenge of what you’re saying." he said. "Do you relish in it? Do you back away from it? Do you step up to the plate? A lot of times people don’t always think of the backlash."

Fab then spoke of fighting his initial urge to respond right away. "At first hearing [Control], I was ready to just go in the studio and just fire it back, because it just felt like somebody kinda disrespected your home." he explained. "So I sat and listened to it and I heard different things. I spoke to some of the OGs and they just was like, Take your time, see what’s going on with it. ‘Cause a lot of people were jumping at it just for the attention’s sake. Once I started paying attention, I knew something that I didn’t hear the first time: that it was actually a line from a Kurupt rap."

The New York rapper made sure to disclose that the track is not to be taken as a shot at Kendrick. "I just wanted to share a bit of light on that whole situation, because I’m sure at first hearing people are gonna think it’s a Kendrick Lamar diss."

Watch the full interview below.