Keke may have love for Shiggy, but Fabolous has no patience for the Instagram comedian. While Shiggy's star has been rising in the wake of the "In My Feelings" challenge, which he basically pioneered, the iron fist of Loso seems to have reverted him back to Earth. Admittedly, any sense of context seems to be missing from the encounter, so it's difficult to discern why this even went down in the first place. Some optimistic types have deemed it "staged" and moved on. However, it cannot be denied that Shiggy looks more than a little uncomfortable, leading us to wonder what set Fab off in the first place. Granted, such is the modus operandi of Shiggy's comedic chops, so all bets are indeed off. 

The footage below showcases Fab manhandling Shiggy by the collar, pulling him close for an exchange of words. An admittedly one-sided exchange at that. Though Fab's message is lost in translation, the body language of both parties speaks volume, with Fab playing the Homer Simpson to Shiggy's Bart. For the popular IG personality, the whole encounter seems to be a miserable experience; at a certain point, you can almost see the moment in which Shiggy accepts his fate, whatever it might ultimately be. 

Luckily, Fab eventually lets go, and the briefest hint of a smile can be seen upon his lips. Perhaps indication that the whole thing was indeed a ruse, or perhaps confirmation that Fab truly does enjoy playing the bully. Peep the footage below, and see for yourself.