Despite domestic violence charges and court cases pegged against Fabolous since he allegedly threatened the life of Emily B, the duo are still going strong and came together to throw the ultimate party for their little one, Jonas. The three-year-old rang in his third year in style and according to Emily's Instagram she only pulled the party together the night before. 

The fabulous event was filled with cars, slides, candy, cake and Balenciaga kicks, because why not. "Happy Birthday to my prince, Jonas!! Time is flying, I remember watching you come into the world & now you’re 3 years old & growing more & more everyday! Love You for Life," Fab captioned the photos of his son on Instagram. 

Emily also shared some lovely photos of Jonas' special day to her feed. 

This past Mother's Day Fab shared a special message to Instagram for Emily that stated: "Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who has given me the best gift I could ever receive, Family. I love you for life."