Fabolous and Emily B have been dating for a long time now and only recently did the "Into You" rapper reveal that his leading lady was putting "pressure" on him to tie the knot. They've without a doubt been through enough events to test their relationship (such as the past domestic abuse allegations) but that hasn't stopped their love as recent photos have fans thinking they secretly got married. 

Fabolous attended the BET Hip Hop Awards and was rocking a diamond band on his ring finger in a group of photos he posted to his Instagram. Emily also mimicked the same move, with a photo that was shared last month that sees a similar diamond band on her special finger. 

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t ever get married. I mean, if it presents itself and I’m ready I would do that," Fab previously said about getting married.  "I think marriage is a great thing and I just think a lot of people don’t respect it in the same way that I respect it so I would have to find a way to - Some people just want to get married cause its a nice thing to do and a way to show that you love somebody, but they don’t see all the things that come around with marriage."