DC Films is in the midst of an identity reinvention, with standalone films like Aquaman and Wonder Woman releasing to rampant successes. As a result, many have wondered about the state of the upcoming Flash movie, which stars Ezra Miller in the titular role. However, the actor's position may very well be tenuous, despite his own desires to stay on board. The Hollywood Reporter has recently revealed that Miller is attempting to affirm his position as "The Flash" by penning the upcoming film's script alongside esteemed comic book writer Grant Morrison. 

The thing is, the new Flash movie already has a script penned by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, the writing team who wrote Spiderman: Homecoming and Game Night. It seems as if creative differences are at the center of the conflict, with Miller and Morrison favoring a darker take on the story, as opposed to Daley and Goldstein's more lighthearted approach. 

Apparently, Miller is deeply invested in the project, a testament to his admiration of the character. The idea that Warner Bros would not only allow him to pen a new draft, but hire Morrison to assist in the process, speaks to a respectable level of trust in the actor's vision. However, should the studio opt against Miller's draft, it's likely that he will ultimately part ways with the franchise. Especially given that his contract expires in May, which gives the whole situation an appropriate "race against time" feel. 

What would you prefer? A darker version of The Flash, a la the acclaimed Flashpoint Paradox, or something more lighthearted?