The NFL has succeeded in making the game of football the most watched sport in the country for decades. As their success skyrockets so do the players on the field and the attention they garner. Every year, for months the NFL and its players control the headlines with stories leading up to the draft, player injuries, game analysis, and off the field issues. In recent years, the attention has been less than welcomed by the league as they’ve received attention for the absolute wrong reason, allowing players to play on the field when their conduct off it warranted discipline.

One of the most recent and biggest examples of this was the domestic violence case against Ray Rice. The public accused the league of covering up what happened and blaming the victim for what a player did, all in the hopes to sweep the claim under the rug and allow the running back to play. Many viewed this as a slap in the face by the league that football was more important than women.

Since that case, videos have surfaced showing Ray Rice punching and then dragging his unconscious fiancé’, now wife, out of an elevator. After the video, the public demanded answers and change to the league’s policy regarding domestic violence.

Although the Ray Rice video may have become the most public display of violence women receive at the hands of players, he would not be the first or last player to face charges. Not long after Ray Rice was banished from the league, Greg Hardy was going through his own legal issues when his ex-girlfriend filed charges against him for abuse. She claims he threw her against the wall and even on a couch full of guns/rifles.

Hardy, of course, denied this and and that night, Hardy’s ex-girlfriend was so scared she didn’t even want to come forward to police, but another brave woman who was part of their party stepped up and told the cops what happened, even when Hardy’s acquaintance told her not to say anything. But when she encouraged the victim to speak up and the cops saw the visible bruises on her body, Hardy would be arrested. He was even convicted, but appealed, and instead of going through the entire ordeal once again in court, the victim chose not to testify.

With having to fight against so much just to be heard, sometimes these women feel that it’s better to not come forward. Ultimately, with the media attention this case garnered, Hardy’s ex-girlfriend decided to walk away from the court case and put it all behind her. So while she chose to leave it all behind, it ultimately allowed Hardy to join the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 and demand another contract without facing what happened that dreadful night in question.  

Now another Cowboy faces a similar claim of domestic violence.