Ezekiel Elliott has had an interesting 2019 when it comes to the police and his standing in the NFL as one of the best running backs the league has to offer. His father has also had a peculiar 2019, mostly because of an incident that occurred in October. According to CBS 17, Stacy Elliott is facing 21 charges due to what happened with his serval cat. In the report, it states that his serval cat ended up getting loose and even attacked a dog before being shot and killed by authorities.

For those who don't know, a serval cat is listed as a dangerous wild animal and you have to have the proper permits in order to own one. Elliott is being accused of not having the proper signage and operating with negligence. Many of the pending charges are first-degree misdemeanors which could carry a six-month jail sentence.

It remains to be seen if Elliott will end up being convicted on any of these charges although the story itself is pretty wild. No one ever wants to be in a legal situation like this, especially when it has to do with your pets. We're sure Elliott is still grieving from the loss of his serval cat and these charges certainly don't help with that process.

Stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring you the latest on this situation.