Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans fans were shocked to find out today that multiple players from both teams were actually diagnosed with the Coronavirus. One of those players was none other than Ezekiel Elliott who is the superstar running back of the Cowboys. Elliott is reportedly feeling just fine and is resting at home to make sure he doesn't infect anyone else with the disease.

What is troubling about this revelation is that Elliott never actually consented to have his name released. Elliott's agent was the one to confirm the COVID-19 news but he wasn't the one to reveal it. As Elliott mentioned on Twitter, patients have the right to remain confidential and his diagnosis being leaked is a huge violation of doctor-patient ethics.


If you've noticed, many athletes have been diagnosed with the virus but we don't know for sure who they are. This is because they preferred to keep things under wraps. However, some athletes like Kevin Durant, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert, have been quite forthcoming about their experiences. Elliott, however, was well within his rights not to want to divulge his positive test.

Hopefully, Elliott will be able to find some justice and figure out where the breakdown in ethics occurred.