Ezekiel Elliott will miss the Dallas Cowboys next six games after the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals denied his request to continue his stay of suspension. We've heard this before, only to have Zeke appeal and be allowed to play, but this time it seems like the six-game suspension will stick.

At the very least, today's ruling means Ezekiel Elliott will not be suiting up for the Cowboys' Week 10 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Elliott currently ranks second in the NFL with 783 rushing yards and is tied for the league lead with seven rushing scores. He has also caught 19 passes for 210 yards and two touchdowns. 

Assuming the six-game suspension is upheld, for real this time, he won't be eligible to return to the field until December 24th when the Cowboys, currently 5-3, host the Seattle Seahawks. 

That said, the NFLPA can still appeal the ruling, but its chances for success are slim, according to NFL Network legal analyst Gabe Feldman.

Per NFL.com,

"The union can pursue a full-panel rehearing -- also known as a rehearing en banc -- with the 2nd Circuit. Appellate courts, however, rarely grant full-court rehearings. The union also could petition the U.S. Supreme Court to hear the case, but it would be "a long shot" for the highest court in the country to accept it, Feldman said."

Although Elliott was never charged in the domestic violence case, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for six games following a year-long investigation into the accusations made by his former girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson. The league determined that he violated the NFL's conduct policy, which warranted a mandatory six-game suspension. 

According to ESPN, The NFLPA has argued a suspension would "irreparably harm" Elliott’s career. However, the league contends that approximately 100 players have been suspended for roughly 500 games over the past season and a half, meaning "Elliott's claim of irreparable injury is indistinguishable from those that could be made by 100 other players."