The Los Angeles Rams beat the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs this year, and now the former St. Louis team is heading to the Superbowl. Their win against the New Orleans Saints was controversial this past weekend, but the Cowboys probably weren't watching. TMZ Sports caught up with Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in Vegas late last week, and he was accompanied by a few of his teammates. Vegas is a great place to forget about the rest of the world, and indulge in the madness. 

The plan was to gamble away the memory of the playoff loss, and Elliott was joined by Sean Lee, Connor Williams, and other Dallas players. The crew hit Aria's casino on Saturday, and apparently, Elliott was throwing down $500 per roll. The players had their own private section to blow dough, but TMZ reports that no big winnings were made that night. Looks like the Cowboys are out of luck during this time of the year. Elliott is nearing the end of his $24 million rookie contract, and will undoubtedly make a killing on his next signing. Todd Gurley signed a $60 million extension with the Rams, and Elliott's agents will be pushing to get him just as much, if not more.