In our new series "Exposé", HNHH pays tribute some of the hottest actresses, singers and models in the game.  In this edition, we feature a star who's somewhat of a vet in the industry, Halle Berry - deserving of all the accolades.

Halle has been celebrated in the hip hop world for quite some time, being admired and referenced everywhere from last year's "Money Trees", by Kendrick Lamar, to the memorable tribute song, “Halle Berry (She's Fine)” from everyone's favorite two-hit wonder, Hurricane Chris. Her iconic status has spanned over 20 years, beginning with her debut film role in Spike Lee's classic “Jungle Fever”. At 46 years young, she still looks as great as ever and sees no sign of stopping with her new thriller “The Call” due out March 15th.

We've compiled a gallery of some of Halle's best photos from her long career, including shots of the actress dawning her leather getup from Catwoman, and her famous orange bikini from her role as a Bond girl. You can find the photos below, along with the trailer for her new film "The Call".