MMG is undeniably one of the strongest teams in the rap game right now, especially after a summer of dominance, and now with all eyes on Meek Mill’s Dreams & Nightmares dropping at the end of the month.  One of the signings that has gone relatively unnoticed is the addition of R&B veteran, and one time B2K member, Omarion.  The singer, actor, and all around entertainer has had, what many perceive as a tumultuous career, but after after over a decade, his career is still going strong, and working with Rick Ross and MMG have revitalized him. 

HNHH caught up with Omarion on the set of the video for “M.I.A.” for an exclusive interview.  The always charismatic multi-talented performer spoke openly about the highs and lows of his career, and talked extensively about how influential the MMG Boss has been in developing him and supporting O at this stage in his career. 

Sitting down with Omarion, HNHH asked how he has been, after achieving such great success early in his career.  The singer, was open, admitting it’s not all been so easy, but ultimately is thankful for where he finds himself today, “It’s been difficulties, it’s been ups, it’s been downs...that’s really a part of not just life, but any career...I’m just ecstatic to be on set and be doing what I’m doing.”

Younger fans may not remember just what a force in R&B Omarion was in the early 2000s, and might not understand why Rick Ross would sign him to Maybach Music Group.  The “You Got Served” actor, references his family as helping him not fall prey to the pitfalls of celebrity, and attributes his personal growth as the reason for his MMG signing.  “I really attribute me being able to stand on my two fight just having a strong base and family...I just got refocused, I transitioned from being a young man to a man...that’s attributed to my position in the conglomerate Maybach Music,” speaking of MMG, he continued, “before I got signed to Rozay, I was doing some different things, but when I met Rozay, it was the conversations of the conversations.”

Being backed by Rick Ross it what has given Omarion the confidence in this stage of his career as a recording artist, “I try to be associated with like-minded people, and people that really believed in me.” Omarion adds, “It was striking that rozay, not just on the business side of things, understood my potential, [and] respected my past...To have someone not only as articulate, but as hood, at the same time to be like, I love your work, I love what you do, you’ve always given 150%.”

As previously reported by HNHH, the MMG singer is dropping a free EP entitled The Care Package, on November 12th – his birthday.  Talking about the emotion in his new music, he said, “People forgot what it was to love, to be emotionally tied to something and for it to be OK...hopefully my fans appreciate it.”

With already an impressive career under his belt, and the full backing of one of the true Bosses of the game, expect Omarion to impress not only with his upcoming projects, but to continue to impress for at least another decade.