Last May, sneaker enthusiasts across the world voted for six of their favorite shoe designs out of 18 international finalists in the annual "Nike: On Air" contest. 

The "Nike: On Air" sneaker design program was a call to arms for six major cities around the world to imagine an Air Max inspired by its community’s unique cultural fingerprint, as designed by the locals who know it best.

The six winning sneaker designs, listed below, will now be headed to retailers in April.

NYC: Air Max 98 La Mezcla by Gabrielle Serrano

Seoul: Nike Air Max 97 “Neon” by Gwang Shin

Tokyo: Nike Air Max 1 “Tokyo Maze” by Yuta Takuman

London: Air Max 97 “London Summer” by Jasmine Lasode

Shanghai: Nike Air Max 97 “Kaleidoscope” by Cash Ru

Paris: Vapormax Plus “Works In Progress” by Lou Matheron

Scroll down for a closer look at each of the winning designs, and stay tuned for additional release details.

(Air Max 97 “London Summer”: Image Via Nike)

(Air Max 97 “Neon Seoul”: Image Via Nike)

(Air Max 97 “Shanghai Kaleidoscope”: Image Via Nike)

(Air Max 98 “La Mezcla”: Image Via Nike)

(Vapormax Plus "Works In Progress": Image Via Nike)

(Air Max 1 "Tokyo Maze": Image Via Nike)