HNHH had a chance to sit down with an introspective Budden, who talked about the difference between working solo, and being with his Slaughterhouse brethren.  He discussed his upcoming album, and describes it as “musical”, and an LP where he tried things he had not tried before on previous efforts.   Talking about opening up on wax to his fans, Joey mentions the emotions he evokes on his new album, and how not only the sound but the subject matter goes places he has not trekked before.  Finally he gets light, and chats about Twitter, and the best way for followers to get a response from him, and hilariously explains the meaning of some sexual slang he has been using lately.  As usual, Budden does not hold back. 

Comparing working on solo projects to working within a group, the Slaughterhouse emcee says he considers his group members to be brothers, and is on best behavior when they are around.  “My favorite part of being in a group, those are my brothers, when you’re with family everything is better.  It makes touring better, it makes recording better, it just makes everything better,” and adds the best part of being solo is, “I get to just act a fuckin fool, without having to really consider their feelings, or how it may affect them.”

Fans were impressed with his A Loose Quarter mixtape, which had a studio quality, and was not like other mixtapes where rappers just freestyle over popular beats.  When talking about the sound on his forthcoming album, the No Love Lost rapper describes it as “musical”, and fans can expect some of it to bare resemblance to his mixtape.  Joe explains, “My album is happy as a’s really musical, some of the songs on the mixtape would indicate that, like on ‘So Hard’, even on the end of ‘So Good’ what was kinda like an extended version after the second verse ended, when all the drums dropped, it was just chords and harmony, it’s really musical like that.”

He then talked about the new approach to having features on his songs that he took with this album, “I got a record on there with me, Lloyd Banks and Juicy J.  I got another record called MBA, featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana.  I’m doing some things I have never done before in my career, as far as the features.”

Known for laying his emotions out on a track, Joey B says he did not just retread old subject matter, and wanted to explore something different, “My thing has always been like, music is what feelings sound like.  It’s kinda been a calling card of mine throughout my entire career.   Recently, I’m trying to convey some other emotions.”  Explaining that fans have affected him, “I get so many fans that come to the shows and they say ‘Joe, you saved my life,’ or , ‘Joe your music helped me through this trying time.’  For so many years that’s what the music was, it spoke to so much pain.  It’s time to start exploring other avenues, other emotions." 

Things did not stay heavy for very long, as the conversation shifted to Twitter, and as one of the most active figures in hip hop on Twitter, Budden uses the social network to not just push new material, but to truly interact with fans.  He talked about the kind of followers he responds to, and when is the best time to reach him.  “I try to respond to a lot of women, and I used to respond to a lot of negativity cause I felt those were the people that needed the help, and it’s always entertaining.  Lately, I’ve stopped cause I notice people only do it for attention now,” Joe Budden adds, “I usually answer tweets in the late hours, I answer everybody, cause that’s when it’s not so convoluted...during the wee hours between 2am and 6am, cause I’m an insomniac, I answer everybody.

Anybody who does follow Joey on Twitter will know he is quite open about his sex life, and the witty Budden talked about some slang he’s been using recently such as “fuck-through”, which means to use sex to ‘power through’ any issues you may be experiencing.  He then explains the self-pleasuring move “The Stranger”, and you will have to check out the video below to hear the hilarious description put only as he could describe it. 

Joe Budden’s No Love Lost is slated for a January 22nd, 2013 release date.