Game has seemingly been everywhere recently-- you seem him constantly dropping new songs, whether freebies part of his #SundayService or leaks off his Jesus Piece album, you see him in the news for his various beefs, and you now see him on TV for his new reality show "Marrying The Game."

All this is definitely good promo to get the word out about his upcoming LP, and the last one under contract with Interscope, Jesus Piece. We've heard a lot about the album thus far, and it's sounding very promising. 

Given that Game is constantly being interviewed about the usual ish-- 40 Glocc, Shyne, 50 Cent, Jesus Piece, business endeavors etc., HNHH decided to take a different approach when we recently met up with Game at his home in L.A.  We wanted to see the regular, everyday Game, chilling at home. And Game kindly obliged to give us the grand tour of his home, showing a side of him we don't always see in the news.

In the first part of "Welcome To My House" with Game, we get a look at his office space, laundry room, kitchen and more, all the while finding out some personal facts about Game. 

Watch Part 1 below. Part 2 drops on December 12th, so check back for that. Cop Jesus Piece on December 11th.