Before the ink blots dried on his contract with G59 Records, Germ was already in the process of being sworn in, with a two-year jumpstart. Scrim and Rube had a vision for their recruit, and it didn't entail micromanaging his every whim. Germ sat down in our New York offices a couple of days ago, with the goal of repaying the faith bestowed upon him, at the very least.

With the knowledge, their potential signee had limitless potential, the $uicideboy$ allowed Germ to find his own voice, in the overrun skateparks of Atlanta. They knew he was an outlier. They also knew he'd find kindred spirits if he left his nest, ultimately landing him in Miami where the Buffet Boys, Pouya and Fat Nick, looked after his artistic development.

Germ would be the first to admit, had he not left for Miami, he might have never found his footing as a rapper. The keener senses of Pouya and Fat Nick helped Germ literally "germinate" this idea that he could do rap, without doing away with his nasty, devil may care attitude. In fact, it was Fat Nick who first witnessed his potential, after landing upon one of his Vines in the early days of Internet virality. 

Although he wouldn't admit it, Germ was already kind of popping in the Skate/Fashion scene before making the trip. The reason he was in Miami in the first place was to take part in Art Basel, but the Buffet Boys had other plans in mind, beginning with the completion of "Drop 'Em Off," what he views as the transitional point in his career if you can call it one. Now Germ has reached a point where signed photos bearing his likeness sell for profit on eBay. Don't take my word for it, hear it straight from the source. While you're at it, check out his latest project right here.