Growing up in Atlanta, his family and friends affectionately called him “Meathead”, and this name stuck with him until it became apparent to the older heads that he was going to have a hand in the “Future” of hip hop.  After setting the charts on fire with singles from his album Pluto, Future has a lot in the pipeline with a double-disc mixtape in the works, the rerelease of his LP as Pluto 3D, and putting in work on his next album. 

HNHH caught up with the always engaging Future Hendrix and got some info on his upcoming projects, the meaning behind his many nicknames and his love of all things "foreign". 

Previously, Future had aimed for an October release date, but various projects had kept him busy and he has pushed back his double mixtape Super Future/Fire Marshall Future.   Unfortunately for fans, when asked about a new release date, the FreeBandz artist couldn’t offer even a tentative one, “nah nah, don’t have a date in mind, cause I’m working right now...I got so many artists around me, we just trying to branch out, make sure everybody go in the right direction.”

Discussing the meaning behind the title for his mixtape, Future says it has its roots in his many monikers.  With his ability to pump out a track in seemingly record time, he feels like a superhero, “Super Future it comes from me just going in the booth making a song, freelancing off the top of my head...goin in there like Superman when he go in a booth."  The other name on the tape has more literal roots, “Fire Marshall Future is from when I go to my shows and everybody in the city come out...and just shut the city down and Fire Marshall actually come to the show and they say it’s over capacity and they shut the club down.”

One of the main reasons for the delay, is the Atlanta native is working on his sophomore album Future Hendrix, and is aiming for it to drop just a year after his solo debut, “I got an album out Pluto 3D and another album which we trying to put out by April.”

Following the success of Pluto, Future decided to rerelease the album and include some new club-friendly cuts.  He felt these songs belonged with his first album, and the tone was more in line with Pluto than his upcoming LP.  Talking about choosing to release his latest singles when he did, the rapper said, “cause I know ‘Turn Out The Lights’ it felt like a new single, and also with the Kelly Rowland ‘Neva End’...I know I had something more for Pluto, it was an album that was slept on, but at the end of the day it’s timeless music.”

HNHH’s Jen DeLeon broached the subject of Future’s love for exotic beauties, and he explained that he has a passion for all things foreign from cars to fashion, and of course females, but his lyrics are often misconstrued.  “I’m talkin about clothes, like as far as what you wear, it’s made from a foreign country, and people kinda ran with it, it’s like a metaphor,” the ATL native adds, “people automatically thought I was talking about [foreign girls].”

Regardless of the name he uses, expect this artist to continue to produce club-friendly hits in the near, and distant Future.  Make sure to check out our exclusive interview in the video below.