HNHH caught up with French Montana in Toronto before Drake's huge OVO Fest went down.

French is a shining example of that whole “hard work pays off” saying, as the man was grinding for a long time in New York before receiving commerical or mainstream success. In our interview, we ask him about this new-found success. We also find out how he originally got in touch with a producer on the come-up, Harry Fraud, who cooked up the stand-out “Shot Caller” beat.

French says of his long road to fame that it means all the more that he'll be around for awhile, as opposed to overnight stars who seem to almost vanish the next day.

“I would credit my success to just knowing that the longer it takes me to get in, the longer I'ma stay in the game. “ the Coke Boy continued, “A lot of people that get they success fast, they lose it fast. I feel like everything that I went through is for a reason. If you really look at it, the hottest new up-comers right now, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, everybody had a struggle. You seen Meek Mill was signed to T.I., 2 Chainz was signed to DTP, you seen I had my situation with Konvict. Even I wasn't signed to Konvict, but still it's all the struggle. Once you understand that and become the boss of your own entity, the sky's the limit for you.”

French says a mutual friend put him in touch with the producer of the moment, Harry Fraud.“I linked up with Harry Fraud through a mutual friend of mine [from London], once I got with him and laid down a couple of tracks, it was almost like a blend, like, his beats and my voice just go together, ain't no other way I can explain it.”

Rozay love him, he flew out to work with Rozay, just everybody, Curren$y, he's definitely blowing up,” French said of  Harry Fraud's success.

French also confirmed that he'd like to do a sequel to Lock Out with Waka Flocka, as well he confirmed he has records with Mase which will appear on his upcoming album Excuse My French.

No confirmation on a release date yet, but it will be dropping before the year's end.

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