Chevy Woods has been with Wiz Khalifa since the beginning, and therefore accompanied Wiz as a Taylor Gang member for his entire rise to fame. With Wiz now a verifiable star,  Chevy Woods is next up to get a piece of that Taylor Gang fame. This shouldn't be too difficult to accomplish, considering Wiz and Chevy often share fans, as they tend to have a certain, similar sound, and both have a love for marijuana. 

While all of Taylor Gang was on the road for their "2050 Tour," HNHH caught up with Chevy to shoot some questions his way. The rapper has steadily been releasing mixtapes, but a debut album has yet to surface. Chevy tells us he continues to work on this untitled LP while he drops mixtape after mixtape. This way, as he explains, he's still able to tour. As the TGOD representative points out, in this day and age albums aren't necessarily where all the money is at-- in fact, less and less artists are touring off albums. Chevy explains, "It's not a whole bunch of people that's touring off albums, so a lot of people drop off mixtapes to set up albums, a lot of people, like myself, are still working to get an album done, so I drop mixtapes to go on tour to give the fans music in between."

On Taylor Gang's success, Chevy attributes it to teamwork. If any member of the crew isn't doing well, it affects everyone else. "It's been good, we all worked together, it's not just an 'I' thing, or I'm just doing me and he's just doing him. If a link in the chain falls off, we all fall off," Chevy says. 

Finally we got word on what Chevy currently has on his plate. The focus seems to be Gangland 2, while that debut LP is always in the back of his mind. Chevy tells us, "I'm still working on mixtapes, I got the Gangland 2 joint about to come out. And in the midst of working on the first Gangland, I been working on the album, We just tryna find the right songs, and the right fit, and the right single [for the album.]" 

Most recently, Chevy Woods dropped "Neighborhood" featuring Nipsey Hussle off his Gangland 2. Be on the look out for that tape to drop in the near future. 

Check out our full interview below.