Hip hop’s love for all things green, both money and weed, is well documented.  On tour artists are faced with a constant grind of travelling, and also the grind of filling up their spare time while in various, sometimes seemingly random, cities.  HNHH caught up with A$AP Rocky for an exclusive interview while on his “LongLiveA$AP" tour, and the A$AP Mob member was open about his preferred pastime while on tour, and where he thinks the best parts of the country are for grabbing weed.

The Harlem native is joined by ScHoolboy Q and Danny Brown on this tour, so you know that Mary is present at every stop, but Rocky says that they are all active in writing and creating music when they have spare time.   “When they not performing on stage or whatever, everyone’s to themselves, writing music, or writing together,” Rocky adds that he is always searching for new ideas for solo and collaborative projects, “me, like on another note, I’m searching the net for inspiration, coming up for visuals for other people’s projects, shit like that.”

Besides all the indulging and partying, the New York native just misses the basics of home, saying, “I miss my mom’s cooking...I miss the cable.  I miss being able to watch all my cartoons.  I really miss my family, that’s about it.”

When asked what is the one “must have” for him on tour, A$AP Rocky did not mince words, and felt it was apparent to everyone that the one thing he could not live without on tour was having readily available canibus.  Responding to the question, Rocky replied, “You know what that is.”  He was then asked, “is that green?” and Rock wasted no time saying, “might be purple.”  Clearly, this is a subject he approaches seriously. 

The debate of which cities and states have the best weed is one that can quickly become a heated one between smokers, no matter how friendly they may be.  Currently, amidst the Mid-West leg of his tour, Rocky mentions some places where they grabbed the strongest green, and surprisingly he names a city in Michigan as the best so far.  “Michigan, Grand rapids, that shit...woah,” the Harlem rapper goes onto name other stellar locations to pick up, “...and of course California.” 

Slightly digressing, but staying on a topic which makes his eyes ‘light up’ with excitement, he says, “one time, I think we was in Phoenix, or something like that,” and then just states which region has the most quality green, “Mid-West to West Coast got the best weed.” 

A$AP Rocky’s LongLiveA$AP album drops at the end of the month on October 31st, and you can check out tour dates and buy tickets for his “LongLiveA$AP Tour” at www.asapmob.com/tour

Check out HNHH's exclusive interview with Rocky below.