Ex-WWE superstar CM Punk could be making a return to the company in the near future, although he has made it clear he still has no desire of getting back in the ring.

Instead, Punk is reportedly on pace to join WWE's new FS1 studio show, WWE Backstage, as a commentator. In fact, rumors are swirling that it's a "done deal." During a recent interview with Collider, the former champ confirmed that he has already auditioned for WWE Backstage.

“I’m open to anything… If they come to me with, ‘Hey we want you to wrestle,’ I’ll say, ‘um, I’m not interested’… I’ve grown so much as a person and I look back at all the stuff and I don’t need it. I don’t need the confrontation and I don’t need the drama. But I’m a businessman. I also put my morals and my integrity above business deals.”

CM Punk left the WWE in 2014 due to numerous issues with the company, including poor medical attention, but wrestling fans have always held out hope that he'd make a return. While a studio gig isn't quite the same as seeing him put someone to sleep, fans should still be happy that he's looking to get involved with the WWE again.

The WWE and Fox Sports recently announced that Renee Young will be leaving the RAW broadcast table to host the new weekly segment on FS1 every Tuesday night. Young will be joined by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, who will serve as the lead analyst on the show beginning November 5.

“WWE BACKSTAGE is a wrestling show for wrestling fans. From hardcore fans to people new to wrestling, we’ll give them a little bit of everything,” says Young. “It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be loud, we’re going to give them a ton of opinions and I can’t wait to help spread the word about SmackDown coming to FOX.”  

Although the show won't officially debut until November 5, a preview episode will air on October 15 immediately after Game 3 of the ALCS on FS1.