When you have a difference of opinion between two refs the call on the play is a jump ball. In the late stages of the 4th quarter LeBron and Kevin Durant bumped heads in full flight, and while it was evident a foul was committed, the referees disagreed on who was at fault, and what foul to call. Well TMZ went digging for an anwer, and they found in the unlikeliest of places, from Tim Donaghy the official who was ex-communicated for betting on the outcome of NBA games.

Donaghy claims the NBA and its officials are completely at fault for the game snowballing into general mayhem. His belief is that the NBA is not enforcing its rule book, or picking and choosing its battles, depending lies in the role of aggressor. Feelings aside, Donaghy appears to be passionate about upholding integrity in the game. After doing his prison bid for illegal gambling, Tim Donaghy has been pushed this idea of an NBA match fixing conspiracy. Many believe the league makes decision heavily weighted towards economic interests.

Donaghy believes the use of the replay monitor in Game One was futile, when they could have preserved the "flow" of the game and continued play on neutral grounds. If he were in a position of authority (he sure as hell isn't) he would replay the final 60 seconds with the score reset to that point. What do you make of his "adherence" to the rules?