According to TMZ Sports, Brandon Browner, former NFL cornerback who made for himself with the Seattle Seahawks, is now being sued by the domestic partner that once accused him of attempted murder, culminating in an 8-year prison sentence - which he is currently serving.

According to the legal docs procured by TMZ, Browner's ex is seeking damages for a whole slew of violent incidents that didn't make it before the grand jury. However, her demands include damages incurred during the home invasion/attempted murder for which he is currently imprisoned. One of the accounts written up by Browner's ex describes a scenario in which she was awakened by repeated punches to the face, without so much as a warning.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

In 2018, Browner allegedly broke into her home, pinned her down, and threatened her life. This scenario would repeat itself several months later, this time with their children present in the room for the violent altercation. This would be the final straw for Browner, as within a month's time, he would be arrested on domestic battery charges that would soon be elevated to an "attempted murder" plea once his then-partner sought legal counsel.

Browner last played in the NFL during the 2015 Season with the New Orleans, after finishing a successful tour of duty under Bill Belichick and the Pats. The 2-time Super Bowl champ was all but signed to return for the 2016 Season with his beloved Seahawks, when his personal life seriously went amiss.