Dark days lie ahead for ex-NFL champ Barry Cofield. The Free Agent lineman last played for the New York Giants in 2015 before crashing out the league. He is noted for playing a role in the Giant's 2008 Super Bowl triumph, where he often performed his signature "taser" dance after sacking the opposing side's quarterback.

According to a police report obtained this morning, Cofield was spotted dead asleep at the wheel of his Cadillac Escalade by a probing officer, whose sudden apparition of blinking lights forced him to release his foot from the brake. A car chase then ensued; Cofield going no faster than the speed limit, while swerving from lane to lane.

The officer in pursuit maintains that Cofield "did not stop, but did not take evasive maneuvers to avoid me." Before deputies could converge on his SUV, Cofield sideswiped into a subdivision, where Cofield rammed a deputy vehicle hot on his tail. Once cornered, deputies asked him repeatedly to leave the Escalade with his hands up; Cofield did not comply until deputies resorted to smashing his windows.

Once inside his vehicle, deputies found a bags containing a red powdery substance, which was later confirmed to be heroin. His breath smelled of alcohol, yet he refused to comply with a breathalizer test, forcing authorities to arrest him right at once. The ex-NFLer was booked at Seminole County Jail as early as Tuesday. Cofield has since posted bond, but refuses to comment on the nature of his crimes.