Playboy employee Kimberly Fattorini's death has been shrouded in mystery for years. Back in 2017, the 30-year-old model and casting assistant was found unresponsive in a Hollywood home after being discovered by her friends. A coroner's report revealed that Fattorini died of an accidental overdose after alcohol, cocaine, and GHB was found in her system. GHB is known as the "date rape drug" that can render a person unconscious within minutes.

On the evening of her death, Fattorini was reportedly partying with friends at a nightclub because they were invited by the event's promoter. The group went back to his home for the afterparty that allegedly continued into the early hours of the following morning. Now, this is where former NFL star Shawne Merriman's name enters into this sordid equation. In a lawsuit filed by Fattorini's parents, Deann and Ferdinand, the promoter allegedly texted Merriman by writing, "Got 3 whores over." The lawsuit states that Merriman joined the party at the promoter's home and, according to a witness, arrived with a bottle of an unknown substance.

"You friend just poor'd half G in my drink," Fattorini texted to the promoter while at the party, according to court documents. The deceased woman's parents believe she was referring to GHB. Following that text, Fattorni sent out a slew of others that were difficult to comprehend. She eventually left the promoter's home and traveled to another friend's house with Merriman. Later on that afternoon, her friend found her unconscious and called for an ambulance. According to TMZemergency responders claimed Fattorini was "half-naked with her jeans unzipped and unbottoned." Merriman was also reportedly on the scene when medics arrived, but told everyone there that he wanted to keep that fact under wraps.

Fattorini's parents are suing Merriman, the nightclub Fattorini attended the evening she died, and a number of others for wrongful death, battery, and negligence. They suggest that Merriman drugged and possibly sexually assaulted their daughter before she died. The grieving parents also include texts they've discovered that were included in a correspondence between the promoter and one of their daughter's friends that state, "Shawn killed her ass, what a f*cking idiot" and "That dumbass been drugging girls for years."

Merriman denies any responsibility or wrong-doing. His representative told TMZ, "As of right now Shawne, nor his attorney, have any knowledge of him being named in any lawsuit. This alleged lawsuit is baseless. Shawne attended an after party more than two years ago where a young woman unfortunately overdosed. The police thoroughly investigated and found no wrong doing whatsoever by Shawne. The fact that they are raising this now, two years after the fact, demonstrates the baseless nature of these allegations."