Former NFL fullback Le'Ron McClain took to twitter this past weekend to plead for help over issues he is experiencing with his head and brain as a result of playing football his entire life.

In a series of scary tweets, McClain described how he is desperate to get his head checked ASAP, while begging the NFL to help him get right.

"I have to get my head checked. Playing fullback since high school. Its takes too fucking much to do anything. My brain is fucking tired.... @NFL i need some help with this shyt. Dark times and its showing. Fucking help me please!! They dont care I had to get lawyers man!"

"Need to tell my story of how my head is crazy and how football did it.... Please someone help me get this out the @NFL puts paperwork in out faces and thats it. Yes its programs fuck all that I need help now I need a plan..... Fuck Man. They dont fucking get it man"

"Watch how fast they come to aid if I was som3 QB or anything but no I was fucking fullback that did it all. @NFL I need help and i need the process to speed the fuck up Im about to crash out and its paperwork I dont wanna hear it. Fuck man im done.... Im out"

McClain later tweeted that he "had a moment but just know Imma fight this thing and block it."

The 34-year old full back, who played his college ball at Alabama, was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round of the 2007 NFL Draft. He spent his first four seasons with the Ravens, including two Pro Bowl campaigns, followed by a season with the Chiefs and two years with the Chargers.