The home of former NBA player Charlie Villanueva was burglarized last night and the thieves reportedly took off with a number of items from his place, including his toilet.

Villanueva took to social media last night to vent about how long it took Dallas PD to respond to his call and, of course, to share the photo of his now toilet-less bathroom.

In a series of tweets, Villanueva explained that he had come home to find his Dallas home burglarized, and that police had still not responded nearly four hours after the ordeal.

"I called @DallasPD at 6:50pm it’s 10:41pm and no response from them, called 4 times already #findmytoliet"

However, the main takeaway here doesn't seem to be the slow-moving Dallas PD, it's the fact that someone actually stole a damn toilet during a home invasion. Villanueva tweeted that the burglars also took all of his appliances, but it's the toilet theft that blew his mind.

Check out his tweets below.