Jason Maxiell appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life and stunned his wife with his confessions of a sexual nature. Although Brandi Maxiell knew her husband was unfaithful, the reality television star clearly wasn't aware of the extent of his infidelity until this televised discussion.

When the show's host asked Maxiell is the number of women he cheated with exceeded 50, he acquiesced. Brandi was visibly upset, but couldn't bring herself to say much more other than "that's disgusting." Iyanla then asks her why the concept of her husband's sleeping with over 50 women is "disgusting" as opposed to the 10 women he had already mentioned. Brandi fights back tears while saying, "8 was a lot for me."

Brandi was upset to the point of walking off set.

In another clip, Jason Maxiell sits down for a one-on-one with Iyanla, who tries to find the source of his actions and apparent sex addiction. She also questions him about his abuse of alcohol. Although Maxiell doesn't consider himself to being an addict in any capacity, he does admit to having an objectively high body count. The number is grand and quite specific: the retired basketball player managed to sleep with 341 women while playing the field before and during his current marriage.