Former G-Unit affiliate, Mazaradi Fox (Jamal Green), was fatally shot inside his SUV in Queens this Friday afternoon. Fox was a friend and former affiliate of 50 Cent in the early days of G-Unit.

According to the NY Daily, the 42-year-old Fox was killed by a gunman in a black ski mask when he opened fire at the white SUV that the rapper was riding in. Fox then stumbled out of the SUV and collapsed in a nearby driveway. Three other people in the SUV were wounded, including a 22-year-old man who was in critical condition. The other two were a 22 year old man and a young woman in her 20’s, who suffered a grazed wound to her neck.

Fox was recently released from prison on December 20th after serving two years for attempted assault. Fox’s step-daughter, D’Aja Robinson, was shot and killed just this past May while riding on a city bus through Jamaica. 

Fif just took to twitter to send his condolences.

[Update: Suspect Arrested In The Murder Of Mazaradi Fox]

As we reported at the beginning of January, an early affiliate of the G-Unit, Mazaradi Fox, was fatally shot while riding in an SUV in NYC. He was not the only person affected by the gunman, as three other people in the car were also wounded, one was in critical condition at the time.

Now cops have arrested a suspect in conjunction with the murder. A Jamaica, Queens native, Jamal Scott, who is 35-years old, was charged with second-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder and felony assault from the attack which occurred on January 3rd.

Prior to the shooting, Fox had only recently been released from jail after serving two years in prison.

[via NY Daily News]