Disgraced former NFL defensive end Greg Hardy was arrested in Texas early Monday morning for possession of cocaine.

According to ESPN, Hardy was pulled over late Sunday night for failing to signal a left turn and allowed police to search his vehicle. Upon searching the car, cops found a small, plastic bag of cocaine in his Louis Vuitton wallet which was sitting on the center console, as well as a weed grinder. 

When officers questioned Hardy about the bag of blow, he said somebody must have put it in his wallet.

"Police said a substance that tested positive for cocaine was found in his wallet, but Hardy said he had been passing his wallet around at the party "because he was paying for everybody and that must have been when the baggie was put in his wallet,'' according to the police report."

The 28-year old free agent was subsequently charged with possession of a controlled substance and was released on $5,000 bond on Monday afternoon. 

Hardy appeared in 12 games for the Dallas Cowboys last season, after missing the first four games due to a suspension stemming from the much publicized domestic violence incident.