Dilated Peoples rapper, Evidence, has been in talks for awhile now to drop a joint project with long-time Dilated contributing producer The Alchemist, and now the duo say they have completed the album.  In a recent interview with 2 Dope Boyz, Ev reveals some of the dope features that dropped tracks, and hints at when fans can expect to get their hands on the tracks.  He also talks about the creative license Dilated Peoples are using on their next album.

The two hip hop legends managed to wrangle up some solid talent to appear on their forthcoming Lord Steppington album including Styles P, Action Bronson, and Domo Genesis.  Evidence says the album is practically complete and they are just waiting on mastering it before dropping a release date, “The album is pretty much done and we just signed a deal. Step Brothers is official, the album title is set and the label is on…we've got some dope people [on the project], we've got Domo Genesis on it, we got Styles P on it so far, Action Bronson's on it …once we master it and I get the product in, then we'll give you date…but until we announce it, I'd say early 2013."

Keeping busy in the booth, the L.A. rapper says Dilated is underway working on their next LP, which is their first in six years.   Ev says that the group is experimenting with their sound this time around, "Directors Of Photography is the next Dilated album...it's gonna be our first album in six years, so it's important that we nail this right now. I think we've bee, going as far as you can go, like making sure we're pushing the boundaries and testing ourselves before it becomes not fun."

[Via HHDX]