There a number of highly-received entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are members of the billion-dollar club, including Captain Marvel. But, as we've we all know, that doesn't mean it's exempt from the infamous CinemaSins take-down. In a convenient super-cut that sits just under 17 minutes, everything that is supposedly wrong with the movie is highlighted for your viewing pleasure.

Things take off with a bad start, as the boilerplate witty banter fight sequence is shown, and from there it's highlighted that the movie takes a little too long to explain Carol Danvers' backstory - in which she's told she's not good enough more often than is probably necessary. Nothing is safe though, as the video proceeds to rip apart all the '90s references, as well as, the placement of the VHS tapes in the Blockbuster store she crash lands in. In total, CinemaSins deduces that Captain Marvel has a whopping total of 97 movie sins. As a reference, they pointed out that the (arguably, even more) brilliant Black Panther had 105, while the lengthy Avengers: Infinity War had 128. Still, despite its "sins," the Brie Larson film reviewed remarkably well, snagging an impressive 78% on Rotten Tomatoes. While it isn't as universally praised as some of the strongest Marvel movies, it's clear that it has its fans.