We've seen a lot of controversy spawn out of Breakfast Club interviews, but somehow, Birdman was able to give the most talked about interview in the show's history, and he was there for under two minutes. The short conversation, which found Baby confronting Charlamagne and his co-hosts for their lack of "respeck," has inspired countless memes, and has given Birdman the foundation for both a song and line of merchandise indebted to his new catchphrases. 

Today, he invited the hosts of HOT 97's Ebro In The Morning to his Miami Home for his first interview since the memes really took off. On top of giving some insight into the event, he also spoke of his early family life, his relationship with Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, and his feelings bout the business of hip-hop. 

Since it's a good 33 minutes longer than his Breakfast Club interview, we thought we'd break down a couple of the more interesting things we learned from the conversation. Click through to see some of Birdman's best quotes, and watch the full interview below.