A new Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner hands out cans of everyone's second-favorite cola in an effort to right the world's wrongs is getting unanimous backlash. The commercial features Kendall joining a vague "peace" protest after ditching a modeling gig, at which point she *realizes* (2017, lookin' good) that the key to uniting America is in a cold can of Pepsi. The climax comes with Jenner handing a beverage to a cop on the scene, who reacts with a smile and is greeted by cheers from protesters.

The ad seems keen on using images of resistance akin to movements like Black Lives Matter without taking on the cause or responsibility. As Jezebel points out, the scene in which Jenner approaches the cops is reminiscent of the iconic image of Baton Rouge protester Ieshia Evans peacefully offering her hands as she's arrested by riot police.

Since the ad made its way online, reactions have been uniformly negative, with many questioning just how this idea got the green light.

Check out some responses from Twitter below.