It hasn't taken Everyday Struggle's new host, radio personality Star, to start making controversy. And while fans know that Joe Budden was no stranger to controversy, Star is a different breed altogether. While Budden was able to show compassion, Star seems to revel in the sheer, unbridled joy of being the ultimate troll. Known for his ruthless brand of "honest," his motto is admittedly, "the hater misses nothing." And while the popular web series' second season is still in the infancy stages, Star has already begun taken some heat after a resourceful Redditor unearthed some incriminating footage.

In the clip, which was taken from Star's "New Years Hate-A-Thon," the host can be heard talking about Nadeska, and his comments are far from respectful. "How bout that Nadeska on Everyday Struggle, how bout that little hot thing. I would love to jerk off on her leg. Just jerk off on her leg. That's a hot bitch. I just want to say that on some reckless shit." 

And while some might argue that Star is a provocateur, and his entire brand is based around shock humor, it's undoubtedly going to cause a sour rift in the dynamic. Those who follow the show are probably well aware of Nadeska's short patience for comments of this nature, and part of Everyday Struggle's charm was the friendly, if-occaisonally antagonist relationship between Joe, Akademiks, and Nadeska. These lewd sexual comments are bound to raise some eyebrows over at Complex, especially in this day and age. Check out the footage below, and stay tuned for more news on the struggles of Everyday Struggle.